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Students can find internships through the Experiential Learning office or through their department. The Experiential Learning office works with all majors, whereas the departmental internship programs are usually reserved for students of that major. Each department has specific requirements for participating in internships, and the requirements may vary from major to major.

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Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education (Co-op) is an academic program that allows students to apply classroom theory in practical work settings and gain personal, academic and work skills over multiple semesters. Cooperative education at UCF is one of the largest programs in the country and assists more students in more disciplines and colleges than any other university in Florida.

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UCF defines service-learning as "a teaching method that uses community involvement to apply theories or skills being taught in a course. Service-learning furthers the learning objectives of the academic course, addresses community needs, and requires students to reflect on their activity in order to gain an appreciation for the relationship between civics and academics."

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